AlgoTogether 算法学习小组

我开了一个叫做 AlgoTogether 的算法学习小组,面向在美国寻求软件工程师工作(实习或全职)的人。我知道仅仅通过 LeetCode 准备算法面试是不够的,因为面试并不以题解的优劣来衡量你。你需要让面试官想要和你共事,这需要说服他你能跟他一起通过编程解决难题。

AlgoTogether 是一个有教练指导的学习小组,帮助你训练多方面的面试能力,让你在面试时成为面试官的最佳未来同事。在这个学习小组中,你不仅仅需要解题和编码,你还需要练习沟通你的解题思路和接受来自别人的反馈。我们的教练是 ACM/ICPC 奖牌得主,也曾带队其它学生参赛获奖,此外还是大型科技公司中富有经验的面试官。我们保证你投入到面试准备的每一滴汗水都能有充分的回报。

为了保证跟面试和工作环境一致,整个 AlgoTogether 采用全英语沟通。以下是 AlgoTogether 的详细信息及报名链接:

What is this program?

AlgoTogether is an algorithmic problem study group with a coach. The program focuses on all necessary skills for coding interviews: problem-solving, coding, debugging, articulating solutions, taking feedback. The coach leads the meeting and makes sure that students learn these skills in a way that they can reapply to new problems in real interviews.

What is the value of this program?

  1. Understand how an interviewer evaluates you. You are evaluated beyond correctness and optimality. If a company only evaluates these two it will replace human interviewers with LeetCode to save money. You should learn what’s missing beyond your LeetCode practice.
  2. Practice like you are in an interview. You will practice articulating your solution to an interviewer and taking hint or feedback from an interviewer. That’s what you don’t experience if you simply practice with LeetCode.
  3. Hold yourself accountable. Are you willing to commit to finishing certain amount of problems within a specific time frame? If you can make the commitment, we will hold you accountable and prevent you from slacking.

Who is this program for?

People who are highly committed to getting a software engineer job at one of the well-established tech companies. It’s best for people who are seeking a software engineer job for the first time, for example, newly graduated students. It’s also good for existing software engineers who haven’t done interview preparation for more than a year.

What is the structure of the program?

The program is 8-week long. Each week the coach assigns a set of problems. Students have one week to work on them. Then they present their solutions at the weekend meeting. If they need help they can join the mid-week meeting to discuss. The coach will lead both meetings.

Who is the coach?

Our coach has many years of experience working and interviewing candidates at well-established tech companies. He is also an ACM/ICPC algorithm competition medalist and has coached other students for the competition.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! We are going to run our free pilot program in 2020Q1. However, we will ask for a $500 deposit and we will refund it when you finish the program. If you fail to finish the program you will forfeit this $500. It’s our way of identifying committed students and hold everybody accountable.

How do I sign up?

Please fill out the information in the following form:

We might not be able to accommodate everybody. We will contact you through email if you are selected.

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